About us


After over sixty years trading at the same shop in Alum Rock, Birmingham,
S Nutt Sewing Machines has moved to a new shop.

We've been trading here for a few years and going from
strength to strength now dealing in Adhesive Craft Felt
and many other sewing and craft-related items.

A lot of our loyal customers have followed us to our new location. We are the
third generation to be selling sewing machines, craft-forms, components,
needles, tables, bulbs, and now the very popular Adhesive Felt. Our grandfather
started the business after originally selling pianos.

His son, Steve Nutt, took over next. Now the shop is run by us, his two sons
Tony and Richard, though dad still comes in to help.

Call us on  0121 327 2828  for details.

Richard Nutt